Amazon Prime Student For College Students

AMAZON Prime Student

With a 6 Month Free Trial

I know that Amazon Prime Student has been around for some time BUT I just heard about it! It comes with SO many deals! Ok, let me just give you some of the details:

  • Free food delivery with GRUBHUB
  • Up to 10% off flights and hotels
  • 1 month free. 24/7 homework help and more
  • 3 months free, then $69.99 $8.99/year

(terms apply for the above)

Amazon Prime Student Benefits

Entertainment Deals on Amazon Prime Membership

  • You’ve got deals such as Up to 1 year for 99c/mo for Prime Video Channels Showtime!
  • Up to 4 yrars for 99c/mo Amazon music! 

And so much more!

* Please check the terms and conditions before purchasing or subscribing to anything.

Amazon Prime Student

Deals On College Essentials

There is so much more that I’ve inserted some screenshots to let you know a bit more as it’s just SO much!

Amazon Prime Student College Deals


Amazon has this program in many countries and you can go to their site to see if you’re eligible.

Please check it out by clicking the photos or the link below.

Click here to check it out on Amazon!

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