Amazon Prime Student For College Students

AMAZON Prime Student With a 6 Month Free Trial I know that Amazon Prime Student has been around for some time BUT I just heard about it! It comes with SO many deals! Ok, let me just give you some of the details: Free food delivery with GRUBHUB Up to 10% off flights and hotels 1 month free. 24/7 homework help and more 3 months free, then $69.99 $8.99/year (terms apply for the above) Entertainment Deals on Amazon Prime Membership You’ve got deals such as Up to 1 year for 99c/mo for Prime Video Channels Showtime! Up to 4 yrars for 99c/mo Amazon music!  And so much more! * Please check the terms and conditions before purchasing or subscribing to anything. Deals On College Essentials There is so much more that I’ve inserted some screenshots to let you know a bit more as it’s just SO much!   Amazon has this Read More