Redbubble Digitalme21 Stickers, T-shirts, Mugs!

Redbubble Digitalme21 Designs

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and explore the print-on-demand area. I have joined Redbubble and I must say that I’m really enjoying the experience. It must mean that I love the creative side of things! I don’t find it a chore but a pleasure to create designs to place on a t-shirt, mugs, stickers and so much more. I’m just starting out and I’m not a graphic designer or anything like that; so some of my designs are simple, whimsy and some are more motivational. If you’d like to check out my store on Redbubble, here’s the link: Digitalme21

One example of a design I created ‘We Are Not In The Same Boat, We Are In The Same Storm’. It’s also on t-shirts, mugs, duvet covers (I know!), coasters, art prints, etc. Check it out by clicking here or the photo!

Redbubble Digitalme21 Sticker
Redbubble Digitalme21 Sticker

Why Redbubble Digitalme21?

There is really no particular reason, except than that I was online and I came upon this site and found it extremely interesting. I know a lot of us love to buy and order online and this seemed like a good option to put up my designs and see how it all pans out.

It’s great learning new ways to create designs and it really makes me feel good when people love my designs.  And it makes me feel so happy that they get them for friends, family, and themselves. I didn’t think the designs would resonate with a lot of people and I was a bit surprised to discover otherwise! Thank you so much!

Another recent one I created! Click here or click the photo!


Cats Make The World Go Round


Another one for Toddlers – Le Chat Noir, Pullover Hoodie!

Le Chat Noir Toddler Pullover Hoodie

It’s important to find something you love to do and to make time to do it. It can be just one thing you’re passionate about or maybe two or three. It doesn’t matter as long as it brings you pleasure and gives you ‘me’ time. I’ve found mine is creating designs, meditation, creating meditation videos (which contains not just your usual meditation music, but frequencies and even lofi music!).  Love it!

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