Why Manifesting Is Not Working | LOA Not Working

Are you not able to manifest what you want?

Many people are experiencing non-manifestation despite scripting, law of attraction steps, meditation, etc.  They have tried manifesting abundance and have not seen any results. They are truly wondering why manifesting is not working and conclude that the law of attraction doesn’t work.


Reasons for why manifesting is not working

Non-manifestation of things we want is also a manifestation, so non-manifestation is a manifestation in and of itself. When we focus on the lack of something, whether it be money, a job, a relationship, etc. it is that attention to these things that bring you more of the lack.

Yes, we do our steps to manifesting but do we let it go to the universe or God? Or do we hold on to it and look out for signs? Signs will come when we least expect it. Letting go of what we have been manifesting is KEY to having it manifest in our reality.

There also may be blocks preventing us from manifesting what we want. Blocks that may have been developed over the years, beliefs that were perhaps instilled into us or that we believed ourselves. They could have been formed from experiences, peer influences, situations and event that were not in our control, etc.

The video below gives a simplified but concise explanation of why we feel that manifesting is not working. If you would like a further video to go a bit deeper into it, please do comment on the video on the YouTube channel.

Why Law Of Attraction Is Not Working
Why LOA is not working

As many successful practitioners of manifesting emphasize; If you want to be rich or have more money, you must FEEL wealthy. If you want love, you must FEEL love, BE love.

How do we do we get into a state of feeling positive enough to feel wealthy, rich or loved? A simple way is to count your blessings and be grateful for the thing and people in your life. Grateful for health, food, shelter, etc. Carry that feeling of gratitude with you throughout your day. Try it and you will experience positive things manifesting in your life!

Try Scripting as in this video after you have watched the video above.

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