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It seems that nowadays, our world has turned into a very unforgiving place to live in. With everything that’s going on, it can get very hard to live at peace with oneself. Many people use different strategies to adjust and keep at an even keel with practices such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation and so on. However, there is no one solution for everyone. I have tried different ways to cope and when things don’t go the way we want it to go, it is only natural that we will try something new.

At times there are more questions than answers in our mind. Sometimes, it feels like its a vicious cycle or it feels like thing are falling apart with a domino effect. When one thing in your life goes wrong, everything else seems to follow suit. Relationships, family issues, work environment, career decisions and such, all seem to be clamoring to take priority and we’re at a loss. That’s when I tried an online psychic reading. I was trying to make sense of what was happening around me. Was I making the right decisions? What did the future hold for me?

What Is A Psychic Reading?

It is important to understand what a psychic reading entails. It’s an ability that a person has to gain information through clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience. It relates to the basic senses of vision, feeling, knowing and hearing. I must admit that it isn’t easy to find a psychic who really takes their abilities seriously and doesn’t add to what they are getting information about.

Accurate Psychic Reading

However, I was lucky to have found a psychic who not only gives accurate online psychic readings but is detailed and is also a verified psychic. He has an impressive list of clients and they return to him for a reason. If you would like to know more, check this site.


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What are the 4 Clairs in Psychic Abilities?

The 4 clairs

What are the 4 Clairs in Psychic Abilities?

There are more than the 4 clairs  that psychics may use to obtain information during client readings. However, for this post, we shall focus on the four senses. The main avenues our intuition uses to let us know the information that is being asked are through these senses.

The 4 clairs more widely used are : Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience.


Psychics gain information by various means. One of them is by Clairvoyance. This refers to psychic seeing. They may see visions of people, pictures or symbols. The visions could also be in the form of a scenario that had already happened or about to happen.  These can be in flashes or an unfolding of an event or scenario. Some psychics may see images that serve as a metaphor which is then explained with regards to the particular situation of the client.


Another way psychics receive information is through a “feeling” and is called clairsentience or being clairsentient. This is quite common among a lot of people who don’t consider themselves psychics or having any clairs. This feeling may be in the form of a gut feeling or walking into a room and being able to sense the overall energy of the people in the room. Energy can often even be felt over a distance such as when on the phone or even when writing a text or email. Psychics may feel sensations on a part of the body that is affecting the person asking for the reading. These experiences or feelings are also known as psychic sensory experiences.

I know a friend who used to feel headaches and pain on the part of her body that her partner was experiencing! Admittedly, she only felt these with close family or friends.


This type of clair is being able to have a thoughts that are really amplified. The thoughts or messages will stand out from the other thoughts and often will keep ‘coming in’ until something is done about it. Some will actually hear these messages. These messages are usually very short and to the point.  Often it can be just a phrase or a word.

Everyone has this ability. The point is whether you choose to listen and develop it or just dismiss it. One example would be if you were planning to drive to a place, and something, a thought keeps coming to you that you should not go or that you should delay it. Your guides may be speaking to you. However, be aware that sometimes it’s could be your fear of the place, or driving or whatever is the reason behind that event that could be stopping you from doing it. You have to take note of these thoughts and over time, you will be able to sense if these are your fear and perceived limitations or your guides speaking to you.


The fourth of the 4 clairs is claircognizance. This is the ability to ‘know’ what is going on or psychic knowing. It comes as downloads to you. This energetic download or intuitive ability is one that psychics often have while speaking with a client.  These downloads can be very clear or sometimes in pieces of information.  It can be information from the past, present or even the future. It is an intuition that comes to you often when you are looking for answer to a situation and you can’t logically find an answer to it.