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Psychic Empath I Always Consult

A psychic empath I always recommend whenever I write about readings or cleansings and so on is Demetri. It’s quite simple. He has been extremely accurate in 90% of the readings. Granted, I may have had my doubts initially because it didn’t feel like it seemed possible. However, as it turned out many times, the outcome was spot on. I have tried many others and they were a hit and miss. I’m sure that there are people who swear by their experiences with other psychics. And that’s absolutely ok. This is my experience and I want to give credit where it’s due. 

I have written articles about psychic readings and you can find them here.

Accurate Psychic Reading

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Free Vs Paid Readings

In my personal opinion, authentic psychic readers do not give free readings. And his are not free and when I consider the other readings I’ve had done that cost me more, this is worth every cent. This is just to clarify my articles as I want to be transparent.  I only recommend by experience or the very least, recommended by people I trust. 

I’ve had readings done by him in the areas of my business, love, relationships, pet readings, energy cleanses, manifestations, just to name a few. And all have been proven to give results. His energy cleansings are what I really go for as they work pretty fast.

However, remember, that predictions are just that, predictions. Nothing is set in stone because there is free will. I have come to understand that at any given time when I get a reading predicting something down the road, things can change based on my free will as well as the free will of others. If things were to go along the same path as at the time of getting the reading, then the probability of the predictions occurring exactly as predicted is high.

Please don’t go into a reading for reconciliation with an ex and then when it doesn’t happen, turn around and say, the psychic was wrong! Did your circumstances change from the time you got the reading to the time of the prediction? Did something happen surrounding your ex that could have influenced his/her decision?

Go into the reading asking for the greatest possibility of an event to occur and what might make it unlikely to happen. Any psychic worth his/her salt would tell you the truth regarding that.

The only way, you will know if a psychic is for you is to try it. Similar to a product or service that we want to try. So if you’d like to try, then this is the site to read what he offers.  

You can read the testimonials of those who have experienced his services and decide for yourself. This is what you should always do. Gather your information and make informed decisions.


This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

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